FEED Design for Gas Pipeline

  • FEED design for 15 km 28-inch High Pressure Gas Pipeline.

Detailed Design for Oil Pipeline

  • Detailed design for 560 km 14/12-inch Oil Product Pipeline.
  • Detailed design for 340 km 16-inch Multi-products Oil Pipeline.

Detailed Design for Gas Pipeline

  • Detailed design for 200 km 42-inch High Pressure Gas Pipeline. 
  • Detailed design for 50 km 28-inch High Pressure Gas Pipeline.

Detailed Design for Water Pipeline

  • Detailed design for 3 km twin 36-inch raw Water Pipeline.


Conceptual Study for Multi-product Interconnecting Oil Pipeline

  • A Screening study for construction of an interconnecting pipeline between two existing multi-product pipeline systems. The service has included a supplementary study of additional options for interconnecting pipeline configurations, 50 km and 80 km in length.

Pre-Feasibility Study for Oil Pipeline

  • A Pre-Feasibility Study for 630 km Oil Product Pipeline from oil port to Joint Storage Terminal in South East Asia.

Pre-Feasibility Study for Jet Fuel Pipeline

  • A Pre-Feasibility Study for 100 km pipeline to transport Jet Fuel from Oil Port to the proposed new International Gateway Airport in South East Asia.

Feasibility Study for Jet Fuel Pipeline

  • A Techno-economic feasibility study for a jet fuel spur pipeline to airport in Europe. 

Study for DC Rail Interference

  • A review of possible stray current effects from DC rail systems on integrity of parallel pipelines.


Permit Support

  • A provision of pipeline drawings for permit application for 342 km 16-inch Oil Product Pipeline

Manpower Supply

  • A Construction Manager for the construction work for 44 km 28-inch high pressure Gas Transmission Pipeline.

Technical and Cost Advisory

  • A provision of Technical and Project Management Advisory services to the Owner & owner’s Consultant for 570 km Oil Pipeline and Terminal Facilities.